Our Absurd Love for the Thrones and the Cards

Recently, I read an article by comic artist and writer, David Hopkins, that revolved around the negative effect the F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom had on the cultural evolution of America in the last three decades. It argues that the sitcom celebrated stupidity by bullying intelligence, leading to a whole generation, who loved the series growing up, believing… Continue reading Our Absurd Love for the Thrones and the Cards

The mythical ‘First World’

Recently, I was binge-watching yet another, high-testosterone, power-trip drama based on American politics. I was hooked to the Baby-Boomer Machiavellianism, as is expected of a confused Gen Xer, in awe of both the generations preceding and following it. In one of the scenes, the central character, a senior politician, lands up in an unkempt apartment… Continue reading The mythical ‘First World’

Watching Movies in Pursuit of Meaning

My brother introduced me to existentialist movies. Introduced is a soft word, he literally downloaded stuff on my devices and reminded me, at regular intervals, to do justice to them. We have this crazy sibling thing of feeling compelled to share experiences of great import. Despite his persistence, I dodged him for a while as… Continue reading Watching Movies in Pursuit of Meaning